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Organoveda™ Rose Oil Essential Oil

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Rose oil soothes and harmonizes the mind and helps with depression, anger, grief, fear, nervous tension and stress and at the same time addresses sexuality, self-nurturing, self esteem and dealing with emotional problems.

Botanical Name : Rosa damascena
Common Name : Rose  Essential Oil, Rosa damascena oil
Node Floral
Plant Parts Used : Flowers
Extraction Method : Steam distillation
Color & Odor : Deep yellow to brownish red thick liquid with floral, honey-like, intense and sweet odor



Rose (Rosa damascena) has a beautiful, strong floral and sweet fragrance that is intoxicating and highly romantic. It helps bring balance and harmony with stimulating and uplifting properties that create a sense of well-being and self-confidence. Used for skin care for thousands of years, it is perfect for dry or ageing skin.


Rose essential oil benefits and uses

Fragrant and beautiful, rose is one of the best loved flowers on the planet. Did you know, though, that rose essential oil, which is distilled from fresh Damascus roses, has some amazing health benefits too? Rose essential oil is an antiseptic, an antispasmodic, an aphrodisiac and an antidepressant too, so read on, and find out more about the wonderful benefits of rose essential oil.

It is an effective antiseptic

You probably won’t find a sweeter smelling antiseptic than rose essential oil. Applying rose oil to minor wounds will stop infections and help them to heal quicker and, it won’t have the nasty smell that some antiseptic creams do.

Relieves anxiety and stress

Another one of wonderful rose essential oil benefits is that it can help relieve anxiety and stress. Like all essential oils, rose oil is very strong and it should be mixed with a carrier oil, and it is not usually taken internally without being well diluted. However, when it is applied to the skin, it is easily absorbed by the body. Research has shown that people who apply rose oil to their skin felt more relaxed and calm, and it can be used to treat the symptoms of anxiety and stress.




It acts as an anti-inflammatory

Rose essential oil also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Massaged into the skin, diluted in a carrier oil, rose essential oil can help to alleviate the pain of rheumatism and arthritis, and it can also help to reduce the symptoms of a fever.

It can be used to clear up acne

Next one of wonderful rose essential oil benefits is that it can be used to clear up acne. Rose essential oil has one of the strongest anti-bacterial properties of all the essential oils. In 2010, Chinese researchers found that diluted rose essential oil killed the bacteria that cause acne in just five minutes.

It can be used to treat depression

When used in a diffuser, rose essential oil can be an effective treatment for depression. When women who were suffering from post-natal depression put a few drops of rose essential oil in a diffuser by their bedside, they all reported a marked improvement in their mood the following day.

It can strengthen the hair and prevent wrinkles

Rose essential oil is also a powerful astringent, which has many health and beauty benefits. Diluted in a carrier oil and used on the hair, rose essential oil can strengthen the roots of the hair and help prevent hair loss and, on the skin, it can help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

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