Each of the following Carrier Oils is good for one reason or another. Most people who use Essential Oils for Aromatherapy purposes find a handful of Carrier Oils that they like, and then use them all at different times for different purposes.

Apricot Kernel oil – good facial oil; high in Vitamins A and B which aid in healing and rejuvenating skin cells

Arnica oil – good for inflammation and bruising, but do not use on broken skin

Avocado oil – good for dry & aging skin types; rich and heavy with minor sunscreen effects

Calendula oil – good as a body oil; speeds up healing and moisturizing for dry or damaged skin

Canola oil – good for massaging; absorbs easily; light in texture; odourless; very long shelf life

Castor oil – good for sealing in moisture; a heavy oil that seals and protects

Corn oil – good medium-weight oil; contains vitamins and minerals that are good for skin

Evening Primrose oil – good as an antioxidant oil so it’s often added to other Carrier Oils to prolong their shelf life

Grape seed oil – good as a massage oil and facial oil; very light and penetrates the skin quickly

Hazelnut oil – good for facials; loaded with vitamins, minerals and proteins

Jojoba oil – good for very dry or very oily skin conditions; often added to other Carrier Oils to prolong their shelf life

Olive oil – good for most preparations; “extra virgin” has the highest amount of vitamins and minerals

Peanut oil – good basic aromatherapy oil; rich in vitamins and proteins

Safflower oil – good for softening the skin; it’s a light-to-medium weight oil

Sesame oil – good for a number of skin conditions; loaded with Vitamin E, minerals, and proteins; has an SPF of 4

Soy oil – good as massage oil; high in Vitamin E

St. John’s Wort oil – good for muscle and joint inflammations; healing properties are good for first aid uses

Sunflower oil – good for massage, body lotions, and body oils; rich in Vitamin E

Sweet Almond oil – good as a massage oil; loaded with protein; absorbs into the skin rapidly; odourless

Vitamin E oil – good for prolonging the shelf life of other Carrier Oils; very thick; antioxidant; heals scar tissue and rejuvenates skin cellular activity

Walnut oil – good for the nervous system; medium weight; absorbs easily

Wheat germ oil – good for healing scars, burns and stretch marks; loaded with Vitamins A, D, and E

…They all work well as Carrier Oils in Aromatherapy. Just take your pick!